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Jason Klein and Harrison Schott took home the top prize at Startup Weekend Springfield, a weekend-long event bringing together designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to concept, pitch, and bring startup ideas to life.

Their startup idea, inspired by Farmers Market of the Ozarks, focused on making local farm fresh food more accessible and affordable to individual consumers through existing Farmer’s Market distribution channels.

Harrison Schott presents Farm Fresh Foods concept to judges at Startup Weekend
Harrison Schott and Jason Klein win first place honor at Startup Weekend

The Farm Fresh Foods competed with four other Startup Weekend teams:

  • Tornado Tracker – Using machine learning to model thermal pockets and provide earlier Tornado Warnings
  • Soil – Connecting Businesses with Affordable Resources
  • GeoFlock – Developing a better mobile app to replace the need for physical college campus billboards and increase student engagement in campus activities.
  • Next Round – Customers use a special coaster to light up their glass when they are ready for a drink refill at restaurants and bars

Startup Weekend Springfield is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend. Startup Weekend Springfield was hosted February 8th-10th 2019 at the efactory in Springfield Missouri. Learn more at